Agricultural Compensation

Agricultural compensation sector services assist property valuers in assessing the impact of severance or partial/whole acquisitions by providing specialised consultancy reports determining the actual loss or impact to farm revenue.  This is in addition to the assessed value of the land acquired as provided under the Land Acquisition Just Terms Compensation Act. Typical projects might include:

  • Extinguishment of water rights by a local authority due to the acquisition of riverfront land and the overall impact on productivity and loss of income.
  • Reduction in the use of irrigation land due to a newly erected transmission line easement.
  • Assessment of the impact on a commercial orchard bisected by a major freeway.

AgEconPlus also has experience in banana plantations, macadamia farms, various orchards, irrigation, poultry, cotton, cattle and most other rural sectors. We have been engaged and appeared as an expert witness before the Land and Environment Court.