Horticulture sector experience includes banana, citrus, apples and pears, mango, summerfruit, dried grapes, vegetables, hydroponic production systems and exotics such as Asian vegetables. Studies have included industry strategic plans, market investigations and various reviews of regulation.  Representative projects are:

  • R&D Plan for the Australian Asian Vegetable Industry
  • Business Plan for Cambodian Vegetable Growers
  • Program Review - NSW Vegetable Industry Development Officer
  • Strategic Review of the Banana Industry
  • Strategic Review of the Apple and Pear Industry
  • Strategic Review of the Summerfruit Industry
  • Market Appraisal - Australian Apples to India
  • Marketing Plans - Citrus to Taiwan, South Korea and Thailand
  • Three Year Review of Horticulture Australia Limited
  • Three Year Review of Horticulture Export Efficiency Powers
  • Export Strategy for the Mango Industry
  • Importer Selection for Citrus to USA
  • Pollination Australia R & D Program
  • Commercialisation of New Tree Crop Varieties - Options and Issues
  • Nursery and Garden Industry Association Levy Analysis