International Projects

Representative international projects include:

  • Scoping Study, ACIAR Investment in Aquaculture Based Livelihoods in the Pacific, Papua New Guinea and in Indigenous Australia. Scoping study identified range of impacts and case studies for detailed analysis by AgEconPlus.
  • Review of the Indian Cotton industry and Punjab Cropping.  Study completed for a furniture retailer who was interested in technical and economic feasibility of large-scale cotton production. Sector was bench marked against Australian industry.
  • Review of the Indian Tree Crop Sector. Study completed for Horticulture Australia. Study completed to assess current and future potential of Australian apple and pear exports.
  • Review of the Sudanese Livestock (Beef) with recommendations on the feasibility of establishing cattle feedlots and airfreight exports. Study completed for a private Bahrain - Australian conglomerate
  • Review of the Ugandan Cotton Industry Study completed for Cargill International who were considering a major investment in the sector.
  • Zambian Tractor Rehabilitation Program Economic feasibility of rehabilitation of tractor fleet versus replacement with new equipment. Study completed for the National Institute of Agricultural Engineers, Silsoe College, Bedford UK
  • Review of the China Dairy Sector and Australian capacity to supply Breeding Livestock. Analysis of forecast of Chinese demand for milk and associated products, modelling Chinese capacity to supply and review Australian herd dynamics.
  • Namibia Cattle Export Tax. Economic implications of imposition.