Meat and Livestock

Meat and livestock sector experience includes grass fed and feedlot beef, lamb, pork and chicken meat, live sheep and cattle exports, processing sector investigations and supply chain efficiency studies.  Representative projects are:

  • Benefit Cost Analysis - Registration of a Salmonella Vaccine for the Live Sheep Trade
  • Global Assessment of Lamb Markets
  • China dairy cattle market analysis
  • Costed Options for Abattoir Disposal of Specified Risk Material
  • Regional Economic Impact Livestock Exports
  • Regional Economic Impact of the Beef Cattle Feedlot Industry
  • Business Plan for Pig Industry Decision Support Software
  • Strategic Plan for Live Export R&D
  • Meat Processing Sector Structural Adjustment Package
  • Economic Evaluation of Generic Advertising
  • Competition Policy Review of the NSW Poultry Meat Industry Act
  • Review of US Beef Export Quota Allocation
  • Economic cost of zoonosis to livestock and human populations
  • Benefit cost analysis Egg Industry R & D