New and Emerging Rural Industries

AgEconPlus has completed feasibility studies and market research for a wide variety of new rural industries. Company principal Michael Clarke enjoys the challenge of researching new and emerging industries for which there is limited data and triangulating available material to provide robust assessments. Recent industry evaluations include:

  • Stocktake of the Australian Native Foods Industry
  • Organic production and value
  • Camel Meat – Export Market Assessment
  • Australian Cocoa Industry – Research Planning Workshop and Pod Splitter Evaluation
  • Feasibility Study Chinese Jujubes
  • Tea Tree Industry Research Plan
  • Pasture Seeds RD&E Plan
  • Feasibility Study Duboisia, Jujube, Guar, Quinoa Chia, Wasabi and Stevia
  • Feasibility Study Emerging Animal Industries - Alpaca, Camel Milk and Mohair
  • Pearl Culture Tonga and Fiji
  • Sandalwood Market Assessment
  • Sweetpotato Industry Review
  • Ginger Industry Research Plan