National Parks, Environment and Heritage

National park, environment and heritage experience includes the economics of threatened species preservation, heritage economics, business plans for national park based businesses and reviews of charges and protected area pricing policies. Representative projects are:

  • Economics of Habitat Protection - Little Penguin Population Manly NSW
  • Economics of Heritage Protection - NSW Heritage Protection Regulation 2005
  • Economic Values Associated with the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park
  • Pricing Marine Park Services - A Review of Operating Costs and Economic Theory
  • Threatened Species Management Plan for Rookwood Cemetery
  • Socio-economic Impact Assessment of Native Vegetation Management Plan, Richmond Region
  • Feasibility Study and Business Plan for Blue Mountains World Heritage Area Visitor Centre
  • Revenue Enhancement Plan for Sydney South Region National Parks
  • Identification of Methods to Minimise the Social and Economic Impacts of Eastern (Freshwater) Cod Recovery Plan
  • Business Plan for Warrumbungle National Park
  • Marketing Strategy for National Parks Huts and and Houses