Chicken Meat RD&E Program 2014-2019 including Program Review (2013)

The Five Year Plan RD&E Plan was prepared by the chicken meat industry, RIRDC and AgEconPlus in consultation with industry stakeholders, to outline the Chicken Meat industry’s research, development and extension (RD&E) objectives until 2019. These objectives have been shaped by the goals and strategies of the RIRDC Corporate Plan 2012-2017 (RIRDC 2012). The Corporate Plan is available on the RIRDC website, developing the Chicken Meat Program Five Year Plan, the current national Poultry Industries RD&E Strategy (AgEconPlus 2010) has been considered. The National Primary Industries RD&E Strategy Framework ( aims to ensure more efficient and effective RD&E in primary industries, through better coordination and collaboration. The Five Year Plan development process also informs a future update of the Poultry Industries RD&E Strategy.