Economic Cost of Diseases that have Wildlife as a Reservoir (2008)

Study prepared as a literature review for the Taronga Zoo Australian Registry of Wildlife Health. The review includes available literature on the economic cost of diseases that have a reservoir in wildlife populations. In particular information was required on the impact of: Avian Influenza (Worldwide), the SARS outbreak (Asia and Canada), Foot and Mouth Disease (United Kingdom), Tuberculosis (New Zealand), Ross River Fever (Australia), Chlamydiosis (Worldwide), Dengue Fever (Australia), Chikungunya (India), West Nile Virus (North America), Japanese Encephalitis (Asia and Australia), Murray Valley Encephalitis (Australia) and Nipah viruses (Bangladesh, Malaysia, Vietnam and Cambodia). Economic cost data includes lost tourism, human health costs, preventative measures, etc. The review was prepared in August 2007 by AgEconPlus. It includes a summary table of relevant research. The research was completed by Michael Clarke.