Pasture Seeds Industry RD&E Plan 2014 - 2019 (2014)

Australia’s pasture seed industry is a small but important sector – it contributes more than $100 million to the economy each year, underpins pastoral enterprises and generates product that feeds livestock around the world. Australia’s temperate pasture legumes have been developed to fit diverse climates, farming and livestock production systems, and soil types. The RIRDC Pasture Seeds research program is funded by an industry levy on pasture seed sales, with between $10 and $15/tonne flowing back into research which is matched by the Commonwealth. The Pasture Seeds Program Five Year Research, Development and Extension (RD&E) plan was developed to guide the prioritisation of RIRDC investments in pastures seeds RD&E. It was prepared in consultation with industry and sets RD&E goals that will assist this sector to build and develop the temperate pasture seed industry. Research and analysis was completed by Michael Clarke.