Consultancy projects normally involve multiple services, tailored to the particular needs of the client. The following list highlights AgEconPlus`s core competancies.

Benefit Cost Analysis

AgEconPlus completes comprehensive benefit cost analyses that recognise best practice in triple bottom line reporting. Economic, environmental and social values, equity considerations, sensitivity testing and threshold value analysis are built into frameworks specified by NSW Treasury and the Australian Department of Finance and Administration.

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Economic Impact Studies

Economic Impact studies completed by our consultants make use of input-output multiplier analyses and/or general equilibrium modeling techniques to determine both the direct and indirect impact of an economic activity. Results are reported in terms of impact on employment, household income, value added and GDP.

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Program Evaluation and Program Logic

Increasing public sector accountability and the need to demonstrate results from investment in less tangible issues has resulted in AgEconPlus�s use of the Program Logic Technique to complement economic evaluation of projects and programs. The service is provided to both government and R&D Corporations.

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Policy Analysis

AgEconPlus specialises in identifying the issues likely to arise from economic developments and government policies � industry, trade, environmental and social. Policy analysis has included structural adjustment proposals, cost sharing arrangements and competition analyses.

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Regulatory Impact Statements

Understanding regulatory objectives, identification of regulatory and non-regulatory alternatives, completion of benefit cost analysis, design of consultation strategies and regulatory impact statement documentation is completed by AgEconPlus for both the Australian Government and NSW Government. We are fully conversant with the requirements of the NSW Subordinate Legislation Act 1989.

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Business Plans and Business Cases

Single entity business plans that start with the organisation�s goals and cascade through its operating environment, analysis of its market, SWOT, human resource plans, operational plans, financial plans and risks are completed by AgEconPlus. We also prepare and review business cases for our clients. AgEconPlus�s work has included preparation of public sector business planning guidelines and training.

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R & D Planning and Assessment

Industry R & D plans prepared by AgEconPlus included a review of the current portfolio, benchmarking against other industry and national R & D priorities, through chain stakeholder consultation, future visioning, concensus and analysis driven priority setting. Economic assessment of industry R & D employs best practice Rural Research and Development Corporation Benefit Cost Analysis guidelines.

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Market Appraisal and Planning

Sound market analysis is the basis for both business and industry success. Market appraisal and planning has been completed by AgEconPlus for single entities and whole industries to spearhead domestic and international market growth. Resultant plans are informed by meticulous and painstaking research.

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Industry Strategic Planning

In independent and arms length �taking stock� and �setting directions� planning process ensures an industry is well placed to address its challenges and take advantage of its opportunities. AgEconPlus employs an analysis framework developed by industry and government and tested across Australian primary production.

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Financial Analysis, Feasibility and Pricing Studies

Financial analysis and feasibility studies are completed for public sector clients and agricultural opportunities. Analyses are completed to ensure they are relevant to the needs of funding agencies, farmers and government. Pricing studies are prepared to assist public sector entities with cost recovery and where appropriate, a return on the crown estate.

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Social Impact Assessment

Social impact assessments of developments, policies and programs can be better undertaken using some basic measuring tools. AgEconPlus�s application of some of these techniques results in better decision making than reliance on economic analysis on its own. Tools available to the team include social catchment and multi criteria analysis.

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Stakeholder Surveys and Consultation

Analysis is reliant on good financial and non-financial data. Decision-making is most effective when shaped by consultation. AgEconPlus employ a range of �face-to-face�, telephone and group based interview and consultation techniques to ensure credible data and informed decision-making. Effective facilitation is reliant on engagement, involvement and a focus on strategic outcomes. AgEconPlus is able to source and project manage these skills.

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Project Management, QA and Document Preparation

Consultant technical skills are meaningless unless they can be managed and delivered on time and in budget. Reports and communication must be clear and succinct. Quality must be assured. AgEconPlus prides itself on delivery of first class documents and effective project management. Third party review of the firms documents is standard QA practice.