AgEconPlus’s planning expertise includes industry strategic plans and business plans for single entities. AgEconPlus assists with investment due diligence, financial analysis, feasibility and pricing studies.


Regional Economic Development Strategies

Regional economic development strategies are high level plans that identify actions required to achieve long term economic vision for a region. For these strategies to be executable and sustainable, they must be based on the strengths of the region, such as local endowments and core competencies. These strategies must also be developed in the context of the likely risks facing the region, and be adaptable and resilient enough to withstand these risks. 

Industry Strategic Plans

An independent and arm’s length ‘taking stock’ and ‘setting directions’ planning process ensures an industry is well placed to address its challenges and take advantage of its opportunities. AgEconPlus employs an analysis framework developed by industry and government and tested across Australian primary production.

Business Plans

Single entity business plans that start with the organisation’s goals and cascade through its operating environment, analysis of its market, SWOT, human resource plans, operational plans, financial plans and risks are completed by AgEconPlus. We also prepare and review business cases for our clients. AgEconPlus’s work has included preparation of public sector business planning guidelines and training.

Financial Analysis, Feasibility and Pricing Studies

Financial analysis and feasibility studies are completed for public sector clients and agricultural opportunities. Analyses are completed to ensure they are relevant to the needs of funding agencies, farmers and government. Pricing studies are prepared to assist public sector entities with cost recovery and where appropriate, a return on the crown estate.

Investor Due Diligence

AgEconPlus has worked with overseas investors to identify Australian agricultural industries with international comparative advantage and purchase large scale agricultural assets. Our work has included development of balanced agricultural land portfolios that capitalise on the long term demand for food in Asia and provide an appropriate return on capital for pension and sovereign wealth funds.

Pig Production Software Business Plan (2005)

The purpose of this study was to prepare a business plan to assist Australian Pork Limited (APL) to decide whether an AUSPIG bureau service could be established and operated on at least a break-even basis as a service to APL members and levy payers. The AUSPIG bureau service would draw on existing APL communication, extension and educational activities at marginal additional cost. AUSPIG decision support software is an effective management aid for increasing the efficiency and profitability of intensive pig production. AUSPIG brings together a range of factors affecting the profitability of pig production such as pig type, feed, piggery environment, market prices, labour, capital and other resources. Work completed by Michel Clarke.


Investment Projects