AgEconPlus`s performance assessment work includes a range of program evaluations for state and Australian Governments along with development and delivery of monitoring and evaluation frameworks.


Monitoring and Evaluation Frameworks

AgEconPlus develops Monitoring and Evaluation (M and E) frameworks using best practice and the company`s own experience. One purpose of the frameworks developed by AgEconPlus is to set out the structure and logic of the project, demonstrating how activities underpin delivery of outputs, which in turn underpin achievement of outcomes. Typically review of the program logic reveals a number of both external and internal project risks. A systematic assessment of risks is completed in a project risk management plan. The M&E plan is dependent on agreed outputs, SMART goals and the collection of meaningful data to inform project evaluation.

Performance Reviews and Evaluations

Consistent with the requirements of a Statutory Funding Agreement (SFA) between the Commonwealth of Australia and a research and development corporation (RDC), an independent organisation is required to complete a four yearly review of RDC performance. The review must take into account the performance of the RDC in meeting its obligations under the SFA; the making and implementation of strategic and annual operating plans; the operation of fraud control, risk management and IP management plans; the efficiency of the RDC; the delivery of benefits from strategic and annual operating plans; and other matters required by the Minister. AgEconPlus has delivered performance reviews for the Australian Livestock Exporters Corporation Limited (LiveCorp) and the Australian Egg Corporation Limited (AECL) and contributed to the review of Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA) completed by Arche Consulting in 2012 and the review of Horticulture Australia Limited (HAL) in 2004.

Some of our Performance Projects