AgEconPlus provides research to support policy development and the analysis of regulatory options.


Policy Analysis

AgEconPlus specialises in identifying the issues likely to arise from changing economic circumstances and government policies - industry, trade, environmental and social. Policy analysis has included background research, structural adjustment proposals, cost sharing arrangements and compensation.

Regulatory Impact Assessment

Understanding regulatory objectives, identification of regulatory and non-regulatory alternatives, completion of benefit cost analysis, design of consultation strategies and regulatory impact statement documentation is prepared by AgEconPlus for both the Australian Government and NSW Government. AgEconPlus is fully conversant with the requirements of the NSW Subordinate Legislation Act 1989.

Regulatory Impact Statement – Royal Botanic Gardens and Domain Trust Regulation (2014)

Regulatory Impact Statement (RIS) prepared in accordance with the requirements of the NSW Subordinate Legislation Act 1989, Better Regulation Office (BRO) Better Regulation Statement and NSW Treasury Guidelines for Economic Appraisal. The RIS established the need for and objectives of government action, the costs and benefits of a range of options including non-regulatory options and a consultation program with Botanic Garden and Domain users.

Some of our Policy Projects