Australian Egg Corporation Performance Review 2007 to 2011 (2011)

AECL’s major achievements include the favourable repositioning of eggs in the minds of Australian consumers and healthcare professionals which in turn has resulted in a sustained growth in egg consumption. AECL has worked to secure the resources available to the egg industry for the completion of R&D through both an egg producer supported increase in the levy and working collaboratively to ensure there is capacity to execute worthwhile research projects. Independent evaluation of AECL’s R&D investments indicates that projects are relevant and generating or likely to generate benefits for levy payers and the Australian community. AECL has addressed free range standards – a difficult and important policy service question. The Department of Agriculture considers that AECL has discharged its responsibilities in a professional manner. Recommendations made need to be considered in light of these positive performance review conclusions. The work was completed by Michael Clarke and the report is available at