Livestock Data Link – Analysis of the Benefits for the Meat Processing Sector (2012)

The report assesses the benefits available for the meat processing sector through use of the Livestock Data Link (LDL) initiative. LDL enables relevant parties to review carcase attributes for one or more carcases on-screen against a pre-defined grid for a given market or category, and to see the carcase’s level of compliance against the grid’s specifications. The user can then find on-screen relevant information to help improve future carcase compliance. LDL also summarises on-screen the number of condemned stock recorded in a given group of animals, and also has the potential to provide a disease-tracking feature. The disease tracking feature would help processors to quantify revenue lost to sub-clinical disease in offal retrieval. The research was completed for Meat & Livestock Australia, Winifred Perkins was the project team leader and Michael Clarke contributed economic evaluation.