Market Access Strategy for Australian Honeybees (2012)

This strategy was prepared to address concerns of countries that import Australian honeybees. Honeybee exports are a small but important Australian rural industry. They provide diversification opportunities for honeybee producers and an income stream that assists with the ongoing provision of all-important pollination services. The application of codes and rules by importing countries to maintain domestic biosecurity is reliant on imperfect pest and disease knowledge. Without significant data to provide robust information on the status of pests and diseases, negotiations to amend conditions are complex, difficult and slow. This strategy set clear investment priorities for generation of data to fill knowledge gaps and facilitate the export of packaged and queen bees. The strategy addresses the all-important United States market and includes proposals to add to industry knowledge on honeybee viruses and proposes plans to maintain a biosecurity barrier between honeybees for export and Asian honeybees. Strategies are also proposed to protect and bolster exports to Canada and other current and potential markets. The market access strategy was prepared by Michael Clarke.