Market Value Chain Analysis of Honey Production in PNG, the Solomon Islands and Fiji (2014)

The purpose of this study was to provide ACIAR with an assessment of the value of further research investment in the honey industries of Papua New Guinea (PNG), the Solomon Islands and Fiji. The study addressed industry profile and values in each country, the market value chain for honey and other apiary products, constraints on the further development of the industry and research recommendations. The beekeeping industries of PNG, Solomon Islands and Fiji are viable. They each create income generating opportunities for village based smallholders. Income generating opportunities are most often taken up by those with the greatest need – rural women raising families and unskilled youth seeking employment. Constraints differ in each country and reflect the differing stages of development of each country’s industry. In PNG and the Solomon Islands the honey industry is constrained by issues related to the supply chain. In Fiji, with its superior pest and disease status, issues and resultant research requirements, relate to biosecurity and the management of honeybee health. Common issues across all three industries include access to beekeeping equipment, training and extension.