Regulatory Impact Assessment – National Bee Biosecurity Program and Code of Practice (2014)

The Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA) addressed the Australian Honeybee Industry Council and Plant Health Australia (PHA) prepared National Bee Biosecurity Program and Biosecurity Code of Practice for the Australian Honey Bee Industry. The RIA followed a standard structure including a statement of policy objectives; identification of alternative options by which those objectives might be met; an assessment of the benefits and costs of the proposed regulatory rule; an assessment of the costs and benefits of each alternative option; an assessment of which of the alternatives produces the greatest net benefit; and a statement of the consultation to be undertaken. The policy objective was to put in place measures to improve the honeybee industry’s exotic pest preparedness, reduce the cost of endemic diseases and improve the sustainability and viability of the honeybee and pollination dependent industries. Options analysed included a ‘do nothing’ base case, Regulate the Proposed Program and Code, Non-Regulatory Means of Achieving Policy Objectives, and Resumption of Comprehensive State Inspection.