Regulatory Impact Statement – Childcare Food Safety (2008)

The regulatory impact statement addressed the NSW Food Amendment (Vulnerable Persons Food Safety Scheme – Child Care Centres) Regulation 2008. It set out the need for Government action; states the objective of that action and analyses the costs and benefits of a range of options. In doing so it establishes that the proposed regulation is required, reasonable and responsive. The cost benefit analysis of options was conducted over a 5-year time period using a 7% discount rate with sensitivity tests at 4% and 10%. The 5-year period was chosen, as the Regulation will be repealed in the fifth anniversary of the date on which it was published unless postponed by the Governor. The cost benefit analyses deal with the social costs and benefits of policy options and focus on the resource costs incurred by the NSW community as a whole i.e. costs incurred and benefits realised by vulnerable people, business and government.