Review of NSW Marine Park Investments in Economic Research (2010)

Since 2000 the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage, its formative agencies and others, have undertaken numerous studies that have examined different economic issues related to Marine Parks (MPs). These include conceptual frameworks for economic valuation and analysis (Hassall and Associates and Gillespie Economics 2004a), identification of research priorities (Marsden Jacob Associates 2004), data collection on visitors and commercial activities (AgEconPlus 2004a), regional impacts of marine park establishment (CARE 2005), socio-economic impact assessment of marine park establishment (DEC/DPI 2005), economic impact of marine park zoning plans (AgEconPlus 2008a), valuation of recreation use (Gillespie Economics 2007), economic impacts of licensing of commercial activities (AgEconPlus 2008c) and regulating tourism operators (DEC 2003). Prior to developing an economics research plan for NSW MPs for the five years to 2015, it was timely to review and summarise the studies that have been undertaken to date, outline any major trends and issues that have emerged from the studies, identify gaps in the research and identify any additional areas for future research. The research was completed by Michael Clarke and Dr Robert Gillespie.